The Baroness Headband- Jewelled Caramel Velvet- One of One


Bequeathed to a lovely Baroness at the Spirit of Christmas 2022.

Each jewelled headband is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art and this incredible piece has been created by using a gold and pearl vintage choker & then embroidered onto a caramel velvet  headband.  Each piece is then hand-sewn on to a base of lushly padded velvet. The final design detail is a delicately hand-stitched metallic crisscross embroidery stitch,  which provides for longevity of the treasure, as well as added visual splendour.

Each piece in the Tudor Series is a limited edition and only 10 pieces are made her colouration. In the case of one-off vintage embellishments, like this above style,  they are a one-of-one.