Foxy Velvet Fedora


We believe this is another match made in heaven. All elements in this hat are vintage and purchased many months apart from each other. The raspberry velvet fedora was stunning enough on its own but when we spotted the vintage silk and feather "Freddie Fox" fascinator attached to a headband, we were instantly smitten.

The infamous British Millner Freddie Fox has a long reputation for being the go-to milliner for the royal family and social events during the summer events. We carefully removed the handmade silk flowers and delicately placed feathers and hand-sewed them onto the side of the fedora. The result, an organic orgasm of color and style.

This vintage hat is a size medium and fits most heads with a circumference of between 57/58cm. Every Resurrection top hat comes with a set of self-adhesive sizing inserts to allow the wearer to adjust to their preference. These handy sizing inserts can be easily concealed under the inside band of hat. Depending on fit desired, an insert can be added to the centre-front as well as the centre-back. We will send 2 sets of inserts for the larger vintage hats and one-set with the small and medium hats.

If you would like to have a closer look at the three-dimensional aspects of this piece, feel free to book a private appointment in our London (SW14 Richmond) studio or, if you're far, far away, simply book a 10 minute zoom call with one our friendly customer courtesans at