This stunning little sorcerer contains all of the capabilities of a magic wand and is purpose built to fly you off to a world of fantasy and frolic. This purely sculptural piece is the result of layering 2 vintage black sheer fascinators directly on top of one another. They were then juxtaposed atop a stunning wool brimmed vintage hat. Thats 3 pieces of mysterious vintage, from three different resources plus 2 layered and hand stitched metallic ribbons from BW's extensive archive of trims.

This vintage hat is a size small/medium and fits most heads with a circumference of between 56/57cm. Every vintage Resurrection top-hat comes with a set of self adhesive sizing inserts, which allow the wearer to adjust the fit to their preference. These handy sizing inserts can be easily concealed under the inside band of hat. Depending on fit desired, an insert can be added to the center front as well as the center back. We will send 2 sets of inserts for the larger vintage hats and one-set with the small and medium hats.

If you'd like to have a closer look at the 3D aspects of this piece, feel free to book a private appointment in our London (SW14 Richmond) studio or, if you're far, far away, simply book a 10 minute zoom call with one our friendly customer courtesans at