Resurrection is based upon an intensive one-year experiment in which designer and illustrator Karen Brost Whyte, attempts to discover and manifest a more resourceful approach to creating purposeful and sustainable fashion.
Although BW's 30 years of design experience was concentrated in the category of women's and children's clothing, the challenge of creating an accessory based collection was a rather thrilling concept.
The first 5 months of her journey were spent foraging the home of where all things "lost and forgotten" tend to reside, the local charity shops, estate auctions, flea markets and of course the infamous car boot sales. The initial search began quite conveniently in her home of Richmond Upon Thames, where charity shops and vintage markets were in plentiful supply.
Never having been interested in the world of vintage or pre-loved items and usually opting for the convenience and anonimity of on-line shopping in her pj's what she perceived to be the overwhelming concept of vintage, this slow and mindful process of searching for forgotten keepsakes, slowly began to seep into her veins. 
The England and then bits of Europe and the US, searching for hints of lost memories and long forgotten exotic treasures. This journey led her to countless  
For much of the time, it became the quiet and lonely life of a treasure hunter, with only the occasional success, but the moments of triumph and surprise more than made up for it.
to the homes of all things lost and forgotten was was spent travelling first a
After the studio shelves were packed with 100s of bits and pieces from around the world, the next phase began, which was to plan for each of these lost souls reinvention, or Resurrection, as we came to call it.  
 One by one, each piece was mindfully considered for it's merits and it's unnecessary excess. THese
The end result contains a few unexpected revelations, which BW notes as a significant shift not only to her  in one’s overall well-being, level of joyfulness, hopefulness and increased positivity through creating art with a purpose.
Resurrection is a new and disruptive genre of conceptual art which lies somewhere between up-cycled historical fashion, modern art and a growing personal vendetta against senseless waste and the careless disposal of our family treasures.