QE2 Crown


This example of decadence, splendour and opulence is a consistent and compelling theme in BW's one year journey and also reflects her lifelong love and admiration for the tenacity and strength of Queen Elizabeth II.

BW's recent summer exhibition debuted 6 exquisitely up-cycled crowns but this most recent QE2 feels the most significant, in that it was created and heart fully hand-sewn just days after her passing. A bittersweet memory never to be forgotten or diminished.

This one-of-a-kind QE2’ treasure was created by removing the original jewelled crown from its rigid base and them hand-sewn onto a satin beaded headband. The final and most elegant accoutrement is a gold embroidered nest of stitches at the base of the crown. which tightly reaffirms its strength to the band, as well as providing a wondrously forth dimension to be discovered.